Pricing Details

The Stratify Labs pricing tiers are described in more detail below. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Authorized Hardware is any hardware design that has been assigned a unique ID by Stratify Labs through our Device or Device Pro plans. This includes many off-the-shelf development boards.



  • Professional Application Support
  • Stratify Cloud device management for up to 1000 devices (data limits apply)
  • Manage private applications in the Stratify Cloud
  • Manage private OS packages in the Stratify Cloud


$499/unique ID

  • Unique ID assigned to a unique board design
  • Community Support
  • Publish OS packages for Stratify OS developers in the Stratify Cloud
    • Perfect for development boards and hardware modules
  • Manage private OS packages in the Stratify Cloud

If you are not already familiar with Stratify OS, it is strongly recommended to let us help you get your first design going using a Device Pro plan.

Device Pro

$4999/unique ID

  • Unique ID
  • Professional Device Support
  • Stratify OS customized for your board
    • We go through your board and make sure all the built-in drivers are optimized for your design
  • Enterprise Test Suite
    • We run our enterprise test suite on your board to ensure a robust design including filesystem stress testing, memory stress testing, and serial bus stress testing.
  • Manage private OS packages in the Stratify Cloud
  • Typical turn around time is one week after receiving the hardware


Pay as you go pricing for managing an unlimited number of devices and unlimited data in the Stratify Cloud.

Ready to get Started

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